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A classic set of semi permanent lashes is the application of one synthetic lash onto one isolated natural lash, giving a natural fuller looking set. It's done in a way that does not damage the natural growth patterns of your own eyelashes.


The lash extension will fall off with your natural lash once it sheds at the end of its cycle.

Natural eyelashes grow and shed daily and the average person losing 2-5 natural lashes per eye, per day. So if you wish to keep your eyelash extensions looking their best, then maintenance infills are required every 2-3 weeks.

Where they'll be cleaned, any grown out lashes removed and any gaps filled in.


Lashes can last about 2 months with proper maintenence.


Each look is individual and is discussed at the initial consultation.

Here we will discuss the look you want to achieve with the correct thickness, length and curl used.


I will also do an essential patch test by applying 2-3 lashes to your own lashes  to check you don't have any negative reactions. (This must be done 48hours before the full set)


Your lash appointment for a full set takes about 2 gives you plenty of time for a relaxing lash nap.


Please arrive at your appointments with clean lashes. My job is made so much easier and quicker if they are make up free. This means I have more time to spend lashing.



Try not get your extensions wet for the first 24 hours – exposing your new extensions to any moisture such as steam, high humidity and water, means the lash glue  will over-cure and become brittle and your extensions may fall off within a few days.


Keep your extensions clean – clean them gently, as instructed with an oil free designated lash cleanser. Oils that travel onto your extensions will break down adhesive if not removed by cleaning. Failure to clean your lashes will not only result in poor retention, but the build up of bacteria, and can lead to eye infections.


Limit the use of oily products on your face if possible. Oily products are absorbed into the skin and these then leave your body through pores in your skin, including your eyelids. This oil can travel onto the extensions and break down the glue.


Brush your extensions a few times a day to keep them looking neat, tidy and uniformed.


Do not pick or pull at your extensions as you will pull your natural lashes out with it.  Please contact me for safe removal


Do not sleep on your face. Your extensions are delicate and this will cause your extensions to fall out where they are being rubbed out in the night.


NEVER apply mascara or liquid or gel eyeliner to your extensions or upper eyelid. Both will adhere to the extensions, cannot be safely cleansed off and will create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Classic full set           £35


Infill at 2 weeks         £20


Infill at 3 weeks         £25


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A patch test is essential 48hours prior to the appointment for new clients